“I thought I was going to die” – Sepp Blatter

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Sepp Blatter, the former FIFA President, spoke to me in a one-hour conversation, at the Sonnenberg Restaurant in Zurich, on Thursday, December 8th. Here are excerpts: 

On how the problems in FIFA personally affected him: “When the crisis in FIFA happened, I felt everything had crashed down on me. I was miserable and could not believe that all these things were happening… I had a breakdown in November 2015, when I was in Visp, at the family graveyard, speaking to my late parents… I thought I was going to die, when I was taken to the hospital in Zurich… The lady doctor asked whom she should call…”

On Gianni Infantino, his successor:He has disrespected me. Personally. After he was elected, he came to my house and we shared a bottle of red wine and had some salami. I gave him a list of things that he needed to pay attention to and he promised that he would look into it. But he has not. I have called him and I know the number that I have for him is still correct. But he has not called back. Neither has he replied my emails. We only speak through lawyers.”

On the “fake money shower” incident (pictured above): I was horrified and scared, that there had been such a breach of security.”

On Fatma Samoura, the new FIFA Secretary-General: “She is (under the new FIFA reforms) supposed to be the (administrative) boss. But she is not the boss. I have heard that she is upset wth the fact that she is not being allowed to take certain Human Resources decisions…” 

For Part One of my exclusive interview with Sepp Blatter listen to the “World Football” programme, on the BBC World Service.










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