S’Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commission arrests Isha Johansen

September 8, 2016 Articles Leave a comment

Johansen with Samuel Eto'o and his wife, with her husband Arne (who's on the left)

Isha Johansen, the President of the Sierra Leone FA – the only female FA president in Africa and just one of two in the world – was arrested in Freetown, by operatives of her country’s Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) on Wednesday 7th September. 

Johansen (pictured on the extreme right, with her husband, Arne, at the extreme left) Brima ‘Mazola’ Kamara, her Vice-President and General Secretary Chris Kamara are being accused of misappropriating “donor funds.”

The head of the commission, Ady Macauley, told Reuters that he ordered the arrests after the officials “failed to answer to our repeated requests to report to us for an investigation into discrepancies in the financial statements of the SLFA.”

He said the investigations related to “donor funds” from the world governing body, FIFA, but did not give any further detail.

If Isha and her colleagues are truly guilty of the accusations/charges being laid by the ACC, they should, of course, face the full weight of the law. I abhor corruption in all its forms.

But my journalistic instincts tell me that this woman, who has been fighting corruption and match-fixing in her country, gaining international recognition for her work, is being set-up, by those determined to hound her out of her job and see her as a thorn in their flesh.

During my interview with her, in Freetown, she told me that powerful members of the government and the business community are involved in match-fixing in her country.

Her attempt to go on with a match-fixing enquiry has encountered all sort of road blocks, with the government telling her that she should not go ahead with it.

“We probably won’t be able to bring everybody to book but the signals will be sent that it will not be business as usual and that match-fixing will not be tolerated in football, not under this administration anyway. Sierra Leonean football has been very undisciplined, which is why so many wrongdoings took place,” she told me, a few months ago.

Let us watch and see how things unfold. This tale is just beginning…

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